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Episode 2

“Bɔrla woman?…this boy paaa…he thinks I’m a fool eh!…Mtcheeew!…Bɔrla woman!!!”…

“so annoying” I kept thinking to myself, muttering in anger at his explanation.

I hadn’t even planned to ask him about that thing koraa, till he started receiving those calls. If it was really his cousin, why didn’t he just pick up and tell her something? My instincts told me that it must have been whoever it was who had been in his room that day, I was so pissed!

I swerved suddenly as a stray dog jumped in front of me. What was I even doing driving to Osu at this time of the night? It was  a good thing my dad had travelled, and my mum believed my prayer meeting story. My phone kept on buzzing at the back. It had been ringing for the best of the past ten minutes. I cranked my head back again just to check, it was still Yao…turning back to focus on the road ahead, I pressed down harder on the accelerator.

The last time I saw Styles, he kissed me. He caught me by surprise on that occasion, and had profusely apologised immediately after. Not that I particularly minded the kiss; it felt good, but he was married for God’s sake. Not that he tried to hide it or anything; he wore his ring with pride, but there was this thing about him which made him irresistible. Styles had seemed the perfect gentleman, never did he try to make a move on me, he didn’t even call me till I called, and he was so smooth.

But since that little kiss everything seemed to have changed so quickly. He called me everynight, and sent me text messages, and every now and then would pass by the office and bring me lunch.

Admittedly, I needed a bit of a distraction; with my suspisions about Yao and all that, God knows I needed a break, and Styles provided just that. It was so much easier ignoring Yao most of the time now, because I had Styles to look forward to. I knew I ought to have been a little more cautious around him, but I let my guard down, and for the past week had found myself entangled in his world. Then he asked me out for the night, but I couldn’t, I had already promised to go out with Yao, and this was perhaps the best opportunity for him to clarify things.

So I had gone out to the beach with Yao instead that night. I thought if I gave him a cold shoulder and attitude I might get him to start talking and come clean. But as girly as I was, there I sat acting the bitch, and giving no explanation for my attitude whatsoever, even when he asked.

Those phone calls were the last straw though;

“cousin indeed…Mtcheeew…and then bɔrla woman!!!. Ah!…ah!…ah!….Mtcheeew”!

I had planned to go straight home after dropping Yao off, and even though I had an excuse good enough to last me till at least Two A.M, I wasn’t in the mood to stay out any longer with him, and then Styles had called. He always cheered me up did Styles, and his deep smooth voice had the subtle effect of calming me down too. He wanted to meet me at Hot Gossip night club in Osu. I had never been there, in fact I had never been to any night club before; I was a good girl…I think.

I wanted to see Styles, but wasn’t too sure of the venue. But he had sounded so calm and relaxed when we talked over the phone. I’m sure it was just for a few drinks and a chat, I should be home long before Two.

He was waiting for me in his car parked by the street near the entrance. He walked over to where I had parked mine, just over on the opposite side. He hugged me; he had his sweet scented cologne on, and then led me to the entrance.

It was loud and a bit stuffy; there was a lot of cigarette smoke in the air, and it stung my eyes. Several scantily dressed ladies stood around the bar and cocktail tables. In the middle some men were playing pool or snooker (I’ve never really understood the difference)We sat in a corner which was partly secluded from the rest of the floor and he ordered some drinks; 2 shots of tequila and lime for him and a bottle of coke for me. We watched the guys playing at the tables, and laughed whenever somebody missed a ball. I’m not much of a fun person, so when he asked me to dance I declined playfully and rather just allowed him to rock me side by side where we sat, with his arm around my shoulder.

I wasn’t too comfortable here and perhaps Styles noticed this and soon after he asked me if I wanted to leave. I stood up nodding, and he followed suit.

Once outside, he walked me to my car, and then asked that we walked back to his because he wanted to give me something inside his.

His windows were dark tinted and though from the inside we could see those outside, they couldn’t see us. Styles held my hands and pulled me closer to him looking to kiss me, this time not in surprise. At first I found myself leaning in but stopped short…

“Ekua! For Christ’s sake, he’s a married man”…I struggled inside my head, but he insisted and still pulled me closer, “Styles please…No”, I pleaded as he again tried to kiss me. Then he held me by my waist and tried to lift me over to the driver’s side where he had created room by moving his seat back. I resisted and then tried to open the door and get out, but it was locked. I tried again but his car seemed to have a locking system which only he could operate. He tried lifting me again, and despite my protests and resistance he was able to, and lifted me onto his front with my back facing him. He then began to grope me whilst pinning me down with his arms and feet. I tried shouting out but my voice was hoarse and dry, and I choked back tears as he continuously tried to kiss me again, by which time one of his hands were beneath by dress and the other trying to pull down the zipper at the back of my dress.

I was in distress , and struggled wildly, but he was just too strong. Tears were dripping down my cheeks now and in one final effort of desperation I opened my mouth to let out a scream….


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