Thursday, February 23, 2017

Topic: *No More Middlemen*

_1 Timothy 2:5_
_For there is one God, and one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus;_

The above scripture verse is very clear on who the mediator between God and men is – Christ Jesus. There is no other mediator. You can only get to the Father through Him (John 14:6). There is one God and Christ Jesus is the only link to Him. By implication, if you have a mediator apart from Christ Jesus, then you are being led to another god, not Jehovah.

Jesus Christ demonstrated through His life that you don’t have to overdepend on people to help you out of your challenges. The sick man at the pool of Bethesda spent 38 years of his life waiting for someone to help him overcome his health challenge. When Jesus Christ – the only mediator between God and men – stood before him, He did not need anyone else to aid his healing process (John 5:7-8).

Man’s intervention has limited and temporary results. You cannot have permanent perfect health after being cured by a doctor. God’s assistance is perfect and permanent. The healing God gives is whole – He does not just heal you, He makes you whole (John 5:9).

Do not be deceived by people who have positioned themselves as the gateways to encountering God. Some even go as far as predicting who makes it in life, who goes to heaven or hell, etc. Christ Jesus is the only mediator. No more middlemen. No more connection men. They are fired from your life. Your overdependence on lawyers, doctors, bankers, politicians and pastors is broken. Hallelujah!

Scripture Reading: *John 5:1 – 9*

*Recommended Books:*
“Jesus Christ The Healer” by Eastwood Anaba
“The Millennium Pages of Love” by Eastwood Anaba
*(e-books available at )*


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