Daniel didn’t wear condom all through but i saw my period last month, although it wasn’t normal. I started having series of flashback, Festus wore condom throughout our sex. I quickly looked at Daniel’s face, he also looked at my face, staring at each other. I am dead, Daniel is the owner of the pregnancy, my mum is gonna kill me. My mum is pregnant, I am also pregnant. Father impregnates mother, son impregnates daughter. What am I going to do?*** I reasoned thoroughly and kept silence for more than 15 minutes. Are you deaf? Can’t you answer me??? my mum screamed loudly.
I stared at her with a sorry & frightened face, so scared of what her reactions might be if i tell her the owner of the pregnancy. I heard myself said “Em em Da da dani…” Da what??? Did you just said Daniel?? Please talk to me or which Daniel are you really talking about??? She interrupted without letting me finish my sentence. As my mum continued to shout at me, all Daniel could do was just to stare at me fearfully. I felt embarrassed, disgraced and shameful that moment to the extent that i didn’t know when i said my stepbrother was the one responsible for my pregnancy. On hearing this, Daniel tried to denied by saying No, No, No.. Suddenly, my mum fainted. Instantly i jumped up from the sick bed and carried her to the doctor in which Daniel too helped me. I was lost in thought and also shocked. I can’t watch my mum die like this, I cried loudly. The doctor discharged me that day and assured me of my mum’s recovery. I didn’t want to leave her in the hospital, i want to stay with her but Daniel also uttered some words to me that made my mind at rest a bit. We left the hospital together and went home. Daniel and I didn’t even talk to each other this moment. I just don’t know what to do. I’m pregnant and my mum is at the hospital. Which one do i think of?? I asked myself. I was so lost in thought. After some minutes i slept off. 3 days later, I headed to the hospital to check on my mum’s health in which Daniel also followed me. I was relieved a bit to see her getting better. Mummy, i love you. I muttered to her with pity shame. To my surprise, she held my head and put it on her chest. Tears flowed from her eyes as she held me. “Omolola” she said with a soft voice. Yes Mummy, i quickly replied her. She then said nothing else and slept. The doctor assured me of her recovery sooner. I thanked the doctor and left for house. The next day, i heard a knock on the door.. Who could it be?? Could it be Daniel?? Ofcourse not. I saw him in his room watching tv some minutes ago. I stood up and moved to the door, opened it and to my surprise, i saw dad holding my mum’s hand. I hugged her with joy but the thought my pregnancy is still on my damn mind. Then Dad told me to allow her to rest for the whole day. I left her room, a bit happy, a bit sad and that’s because of my pregnancy.
The next day, i was the first person to knock her door, she opened the door and allowed me in. bit sad and that’s because of my pregnancy.
The next day, i was the first person to knock her door, she opened the door and allowed me in. Mummy please, it was a mistake, please mum. I pleaded to her with the feelings of being guilty. She shrugged at first and then hugged me tightly, i felt excited that she’s no more angry wìth me. Some hours later, i left her room for mine with happiness but still a bit sad because i don’t have the plan of marrying Daniel at all. To be candid, i do enjoy his sexual skills but he wasn’t really my taste. I was somehow disappointed about that.
My Mum gave birth to a good looking bouncing baby boy which was named Felix on the naming ceremony day. The ceremony wasn’t glamorous tho, it was done in the sitting room where we ate and drank. Two weeks after my mum’s delivery, i also gave birth but a beautiful baby girl. She resembled Daniel a lot. This made Daniel more happier. I wasn’t happy and i guess you know the reason why. Daniel named the girl Daniella on the ceremony day. What a sweet name it was. The ceremony was just like my mum’s own. It was done in the sitting room where menu menu took place. Since then, we’ve became a family. That was how i ended up marrying my stepbrother. Someone i don’t really love wholeheartedly. I hope you girls can learn from me.

**[THE END]** season 1


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