Me: oh my God! You scared me, what are you doing here?
Daniel: what does it look like?
Me: Jesus Christ, you’re even naked, I can’t watch this ( I tried to hide my face)
Daniel: (laughs and start talking in a very flirty tone) well this is not your first time of seeing, Atleast you’ve seen it before and you’ve also felt it too, very well if I’m correct, you’ve enjoyed the whole thing.
Me: please stop all this rubbish, okay, I’m not here to hear all this riddles, please, I’m here to get a glass of water, so please and please mind your business. I told you not to talk to me again, stay away from me. (Hissed)
Daniel: okay! Could you please turn off the light..
Me: for what?
Daniel: as you can see I’m naked, soput it off ma.. Me: no, I can’t do that, I will put off the light after I drink the water. He smiled at me, I opened the refrigerator brought out table water, I will be needing a glass cup but the cups are behind Daniel, exactly the corner Daniel is. I was confused on what to do and I don’t like dipping table water in my mouth, its not lady like. I stood there for some minutes, I didn’t want him to notice I’ll be needing a glass cup to drink the water. He just stood there drinking his glass cup of milk.
Me: erm, erm could you please help get a glass behind you.. He looked me with a surprised face, he looked behind him and looked at me again
Daniel: you mean me?
Me: yes its you
Daniel: what happened to your leg? Come and pick it yourself He moved away from that corner, I went to pick the cup myself, filled my cup with water and drank it, all of sudden the light went off and the kitchen door was closed.
Me: why did you off the light? You even closed the door, what is the meaning of this? Daniel moving close to me, I was moving backwards.
Me: Daniel, please stop all these rubbish, I don’t like it He kept on moving closer to me, I was moving backwards till reached the kitchen cabinet side, I couldn’t move again.
Me: Daniel what is all these now? I
don’t like it oooo, I will scream ooo
Daniel: I want to fuck you, I want you
Me: fuck who? You must be drunk, you’re really sick…. Didn’t you just finish fucking your girlfriend, did you think I didn’t hear all the noise, hehehehe, you came to drink a cup of milk just to boost your wasted sperm, yet you’re here asking for another
sex from your sister. You’re seriously cursed, please stray away from me. He became soooo close to me this time..
Me: oooh God, what is all this now? Do you want me to scream? You know my boyfriend is around I looked at his dick, his dick was already erected like pinocio’s nose, very strong and long, I was attracted to it tho, I was attracted to Daniel’s body anyway, let me not lie.
Daniel: did your boyfriend fucked you the way I did? Say the truth He tried kissing me, touching my waist.
Me: its none of your business kk, don’t touch me ( I tried to push him away) Then he tried to touch my boobs this time..
Daniel: (speaking with seductive tone)
God! I love your boobs.. I was already feeling the heat within but I just have overcome this temptation, I have to but it wasn’t easy cos Daniel is a pro when it comes to seduction. He began to peck me, he began to bite my ear so passionately, I couldn’t take it anymore, I couldn’t take it anymore, I swear it wasn’t my fault, till he kissed me…….


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