My boyfriend eventually came the next day, I wasn’t feeling too happy to see him anyway but I just have to fake it. He asked me why i didn’t pick up my phone yesterday, I sha lied to him, he said he came to my place yesterday, I gave him silly excuses.
Me: When I waited and waited for you nko, I was expecting you so early you came late that was the reason why I didn’t pick your calls. I also went to my friend’s place when I didn’t see you.
Festus: aww! I’m sorry sweetheart, it wasn’t my fault, I was delayed in school. Please forgive me (he kissed me). I asked him what he wanted to eat, I cooked for him, he was in the living room watching dstv. I brought the food to him, all this time I didn’t see Daniel come downstairs, I’ve not not even set my eyes on him that day.
Festus: what about your brother? Daniel!
Me: I don’t even know for him
Festus: is he not at home?
Me: Please leave me alone, I don’t know (I got pissed with the questions)
Festus: are you guys not in talking terms? Cos it seems something is going on between you two.
Me: hahaha! What do you mean by that? See he should be somewhere, I don’t know his whereabout. We changed the conversation, then a knock on our door, who can that be? Daniel quickly rushed out of his room, wearing his boxer, shirtless and putting on gold neck chain. Wow! I was kinda attracted to him, he came downstairs, I couldn’t even look at his eyes cos i was ashamed. He saw my boyfriend he greeted him, he opened the door and it was his girlfriend, I greeted her, she was just there nothing special about the girl I’m even prettier than her sef. Daniel came close to greet my boyfriend formally this time. Daniel didn’t even look at my face at all, he doesn’t care..
Daniel: Hey what’s up guy, you must be Festus right?
Festus: Yeah! And you must be Daniel. I didn’t know you’re around, I asked your sister if you were at home she was just being nutty
Daniel: Haa! Don’t mind her, I was in my room sleeping, I was very weak, I did a very stressful and hard job yesterday that actually made me weak, it wasn’t easy yesterday. The work was not easy but it was sweet. Huh! I had guilty conscience, what does he mean by that, is he mad? Hehehehe, so he is referring to what happened yesterday as a job well done or what does he mean by that.
Festus: I actually came here yesterday nobody was at home, I knocked countless times, I would have helped you out.
Daniel: (laughing) Really, you came yesterday? I was at home, Probably that should be when I was so busy doing the job.
Festus: Hahaha! What kind of job can that be?
Daniel: Omolola knows about it( Daniel looked at me and winked at me and smiled) ask her.
Festus: interesting… Nice meeting youbro
Daniel: Same here sir.. He introduced his girlfriend and they both went to their room..
Later in the night, my boyfriend demanded for sex, we kissed, romanced, I sucked his dick, his dick is of average, Daniel’s dick is way bigger and heavier. He began to fuck my pussy, I wasn’t really enjoying it but it sweet tho, he didn’t do style with me, it was just mummy and daddy style, during the sex what I was just thinking about is me and Daniel’s sex. Festus was really fucking me with his dick, he was good, he sucked my pussy again, began to fuck me another round, he was pounding me so fast, I was moaning really sweet, he fucked me till he cum and removed the condom filled with sperm.
After the sex Festus just slept off immediately,breathing heavily, he kissed me and said goodnight. I woke up around 2pm, I was thirsty, I was putting on only my nightgown, I went to the kitchen to get a chilled water to drink. I got to the kitchen, I put on the light, the next thing I saw was a naked man in the kitchen, drinking a cup of milk, I was scared, the naked man was my step brother Daniel.


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