Name change greatly determines the success of a brand; many brands around the world have either succeeded or dwindled due to name change.

From the art perspective name change has played a fundamental role in the careers of many musicians, movie stars and celebrities.

In Ghana celebrities like Samini (Bat Man), Shatta Wale (Bandana), Coded (Abortion), Zeal (Lazy), Stonebwoy (Burniton)  and  Ohene (Kontihene) have had a successful name change whereas others have tried but failed.

The recent person who has joined the list of name changers is Larry Prince; he used to be known as Larry Lizard but has changed to Larry Prince due to brand conflict.

Larry Prince in an interview affirmed that over the years he has received complains from fans and industry people concerning the nature of his former name “Larry Lizard”. According to him his reason for “Lizard” is not appealing to most of his fans because of the perception of the life of a lizard and it affects his branding mostly, hence the change of lizard to Prince.

He also added that this move is not really a name change but rather it is skewed towards building a strong solo brand; a brand that is distinct and unique. Larry Prince further explained that he chose to add Prince to his name because this will help reflex his brand and who he really is “Prince is my maiden name”.

The “you fine” hit maker revealed that “prince” in his name because the world will be experiencing something extraordinary from him. Larry prince said he chose this name because it represents his talents in totality. He finally asserted that this decision is not just a personal decision but that of his management. He is currently signed to Big Town Music Group.


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