Stand by me, look towards me

Even though i don’t understand love yet

Stand by me,Watch over me

Even though am not good with love

The more i look at you, the happier i am.


Absent minded, i’ll start  humming

Suddenly i want to buy a Rose

This me is rather new

My thoughts are all on you.

The world has become beautiful, if you can feel this too.

Please wait for me

Together,lets make this love

Forever making you smile.

Filled with your happy smiles

Together make it love, forever make it smile

Hold on now, hold on to my hand.

The better i understand your heart, the more excited i get.

All i do is smile

I want to quietly kiss you just once

That way, will i get closer to you?

Is this feeling love ?

Right now i’m still rather shy

Right now, it is still impossible for me to completely express how i feel

Please wait for my love

Together , make it love

Forever making you smile

Filled with happy smiles

Together lets make it love

Forever make it your smile

Hold on now, hold onto my hand.


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