It is said “marriage is sweet when you are with the right person”. This is the reason it is imperative for guys to consider some factors or qualities when choosing that Ideal woman they want to spend the rest of their life’s with. If your partner posses the following qualities, then she is a marriage material that must be taken seriously.

1.Being submissive: You and I know there are plenty ladies out there who might want to get that man who will take them to the altar. But I can assure you that not all will be willing to take orders from their husband’s or be submissive to them. A lady who is a marriage material will always be submissive to her guy. Now, when you see this quality in your girlfriend, you must be smart to know that she is a marriage material and must not be played. Trust me, such ladies are hard to come-by today.

2. Saying sorry: Some ladies feel too proud to use the simple word “sorry” even if they know very well they have offended their guys or at fault. All of us are fallible but learning to say sorry is really healthy for relationships .A lady who is a marriage material will always say sorry when she is wrong not one who will try defending even when she has committed the greatest blunder. Such is a marriage material because she understands the essence of the word.

3.Good in bed: When your partner knows how to make you happy in bed, you will never get bored. That simply means she is good to move on with you to the next level. I don’t think you will let go such a partner. Will you?

4.Supportive: It is the said the man is always the head and must take full responsibility. That is true. But that does not imply that ladies cannot help when the need be. If she start to show the attitude of not helping you or being supportive in all circumstances whiles in a relationship, she ain’t qualify to be your wife. She must be supportive and be there for you at all times. When she is supportive and believe in your dreams , she will give her support by ensuring that you achieve those dreams or goals.

5. Financial management: If your partner (lady) knows how to carefully handle her finances or money, then you have every reason to believe that she will be able to manage the little money you may be giving her when you find yourself in financial problems. When she knows how to handle money, it means she can easily manage the house.

6.Good cook: A lady who is a marriage material knows how to prepare a delicious meal for her guy. Every well-meaning guy planning for marriage will not leave this out of the many other qualities he expects from his girlfriend.

7. Smartness: Every guy likes smart ladies. When you realize that she is smart and can take critical decisions in your absence without failure, then I can assure you that she is good for the journey.

8.Respectful and honest: when you realized that your partner is respectful and honest to you, please don’t joke with her. These type of ladies are difficult to get nowadays. An ideal woman for marriage will respect you and your friends and be truthful to you in all situations.

9.Showing concern for your family: A lady who is ready or set to be the mother of your children will always show concern for your family. She will always call you on the phone to check how your mum, dad, siblings and family members are doing.

10. Being thankful: A good partner that  is really ready to move on to the next level with you will always appreciate or be thankful for the little things you do for her. When she demonstrates this virtue , know that she can be that lucky one you have been expecting.


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